#VS2015 – #SuperCharger, the #CodeMap evolution


Today is a quick post, because my international moving takes a lot of time  Some time ago I tried CodeMap, I was was an excellent idea and a great tool. Although to really use it well, you had to have a “very bad” C# classes.

I mean, we all dream of being those great talent developers who write code as if it were a poetry of Neruda. To get to this level, you must spend hours, many hours of practice and study. Also you also must have passion as something that is not found in many people: “be better in every challenge you face“.

As well, after these non-sense paragraphs, let’s see what’s new in SuperCharger. This tool comes to fill the gap left as large developers for surf classes with thousands of lines, with that nice friend called REGIONS, and of course, add color to our methods to differentiate between them. Here is an example

2016 02 01 SuperCharger Extension

Let’s get serious, I think that it a great tool. I am also aware that even though everybody tries to respect the SOLID principles, the design of our classes can be a little chaotic. In these cases, SuperCharger is a great helper!

Greetings @ Madrid

-El Bruno



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