ENG [#VS2015] Hello Face: #FaceAPIs in a Console App (2)


New post for Azure Machine Learning Face APIs series

  1. Face APIs in Azure
  2. Hello Face: Face APIs in a Console App

After the setup of our Azure environment, we now can use Face APIs. Next step is to download the SDK and take a look at the examples. At this time the SDK contains examples for both, .Net and Android. Within the .Net sample there is a WPF app which consumes a PCL which is responsible for making the calls to the Machine Learning Face API services.


The good thing about this model is that the PCL is easily portable to other projects. The following steps show how consume Face API services in a console app, using the PCL included in the SDK.

1. Add a new console application in the solution

2. Add a reference to ClientLibrary

3. Then in the Main we need to define a variable with our subscription key, and for this example we will open a local image to be processed

4. The following function displays the steps necessary for processing an image


5. And the result is similar to the following one


6 That’s it !

As always, can always download the complete sample from GitHub https://github.com/elbruno/ProjectOxford

Greetings @ Home

/El Bruno

Face APIs SDK, http://www.projectoxford.ai/sdk


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