ENG [#AZURE] Face APIs with #Azure (1) #MachineLearning


Every time I perform a Coding4Fun session, I always take the opportunity to talk a little about the progress in the process of face detection, facial recognition and detection of emotions, etc. If you like Azure, now is a great time to start testing something for this topic, since using Machine Learning experiments, there are a number of features available to perform these actions.

In this series of posts I’ll show you how to configure Azure for having an instance of Face APIs, how to active and publish it as a service and finally as consume it from an .Net app.

You should start adding a Face API instance from the Azure Machine Learning Market Place Gallery . Access the Market Place and add search for Face APIs .


The wizard is fairly simple, and it’s free. For now is only available in the West US region, although that doesn’t affect us much.


Once created the instance, it will appear in our list of items for the Market Place section. The next step is very important, since it is where to generate the key that we will identify to use this service from our apps. We must Access the portal Face APIs from the option “Manage”


You will find your primary and secondary keys and also the option to regenerate them


And that’s it! We already have our Azure environment ready to use Face APis. I’ll write later about the Face APIs capabilities, however the information and the SDK can be found at the official website of the Project Oxford , where besides Face APIs, there are APIs for Speech Recognition and Computer Vision. Come on, that is a place to have some serious fun 😉

Greetings @ Home

/El Bruno

Project Oxford, http://www.projectoxford.ai/face

Face Api Machine Learning, http://gallery.azureml.net/MachineLearningAPI/b0b2598aa46c4f44a08af8891e415cc7


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