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Leadership and innovation are 2 words that all the self-proclaimed “experts” are shouting today. In reality, the problem is that nobody knows how to take forward this couple in the right way. At first glance this seems a bit contradictory, because we all have a natural tendency to follow the most innovative people. A clear example of this can be great leaders such as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk.

I have written a bit on some characteristics of a leader, such as transparency or passion. These features are the ones where innovation should be supported to grow and lead a team. And this team will also settle for people who really admire the sum of the actions carried out this special type of leaders.

For example, not everyone is willing to follow a person who is constantly challenging the rules in an organization. Most people, prefer to follow someone who knows the rules and knows how to use them for the benefit of the team. A leading innovator, is very likely to be constantly defying the rules. This can be an incentive for some people or can be a “here I don’t want I see myself nor dead” for others.

The leading innovators are experts in a field, however, are constantly hungry for new knowledge. Such people are known as T-shaped people, since they possess great knowledge in an area (vertical axis), and they are constantly adding new knowledge (horizontal axis).

Such people are constantly testing new solutions and facing new problems. This done, it usually never are in their comfort zone. This is another great filter, to a team of these characteristics: you have to be willing to follow a person who can change day to day approach. This is not at all easy.

Important: Do not have to confuse the constant change with people who don’t know what they want and this is why change frequently. The latter are very dangerous and can discourage a full team in a matter of weeks.

In conclusion, we should not be fooled, If a company is not encouraged to go for a radical change in the way in which their leaders work, it is almost impossible that this company can carry out “innovative” activities.

That Yes, these last companies have graphics and a few slides on innovation which are the most beautiful on the market 😉

Greetings @ Madrid

/El Bruno

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