[#ALM] The importance of your #ToDo list



This post is not going to be related to a development methodology or even to developers. If you’re a person who uses some method to organize your daily tasks, this is where I want to go now. I’ll try to describe my own experiences about how you can improve your time management approach, simply improving the way in which you manage your daily tasks.

There are people who are self-organized by nature (I envy them, because I tend to be a disaster); other people need to use a system which allows them to have control over what they do. And, this is important when you start to work with a personal system (I wrote about mine a couple of years ago) or some adaptation of GTD, you usually starts with items related to work, and then you start to add some personal items like collect school supplies for one of your kids, do not forget to run 10K, etc.

I’n not gonna write about a specific methods for managing ToDo lists, a simple Bing search can return almost 300000 resultsI will try to advise you to ask your colleagues about their method. And here you can learn a couple of things:

– One one hand, and as a general rule, people who have a well-defined system tend to be organized people. The system can be a paper-based system or someone with digital support. Post Its and notebooks are a great ally to manage tasks. These people also tend to have a very organized desk. Again, this applies to the physical desktop and the digital desktop.

-On the other hand, people who usually have a disorganized desk, lack of a good task management system. This is not true for 100% of this people however this profile of people are not usually very organized.

When I get to this point, it is time to ask yourself Why this is so important? Is very simple, people with a good management system can answer the following questions in a much more accurate way:

What are you doing right now? What remains in your ToDo list? What should you start next?

I try to see how each person manages their daily tasks and if I see a good idea, so I said it and I try to put it up for my own time management. Here I get 2 things that are that motivate me

– I try to learn something new (which is very important to me). Try new stuff and learn is fundamental to have a motivated and open mind

– Improved the way I work. Continuous improvement is something that I always try to do in my daily basis 😉

Greetings @ Burgos

/El Bruno

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