[PERSONAL] How I manage my daily work



a couple of days that I plan to write a bit about my day-to-day management of the work. So I spoke to my girl in these days by Rome and the truth is that while is very simple, to my I find it effective to move forward with my day to day tasks. So far as sharing my experiences, with the hope that someone will improve.

After trying various techniques of personal management, such as GTD (getting things Done) and the pomodoro Technique; I finally decided to adopt some practices of each and give a personal touch to my day to day.

The first thing I do is to have a list of the tasks that I do. These tasks are as varied as send an email or complete the deploy an application in production. I have in mind the time nor the priority that have tasks, because while I have a list of 10 tasks where the important task is the task 1, after a call from my boss, the task number 10 passes to first place in one fell swoop and ready to change priorities.

To manage the tasks I use OneNote. I started using paper and pencil, then I jumped to the Notepad ++ and finally do with OneNote. What I do is create a page per day, with the format that you can see in the image and each page pointed out the tasks that I can left pending from the previous day or will emerging new during the day.Then take the capacity of [CTRL+1] Task from OneNote to mark tasks as Done or In progress.


Well, I think that everyone has very clear “that has to do,” but usually the tricky part is to see how it is carried out, in other words, the tricky thing is to do so. I for this, I do my personal implementation of the pomodoro technique. I use an application on iPod Touch, which tells me periods of 25 minutes in which “only I dedicate myself to work“.

There are many applications for iFon, Windows Phone, Android and Windows, but the substance of this technique is to try to spend these periods of 25 minutes to work. In my case, this means:

  • I deactivate the mobile / cell phone. If something is important, I know at least 24: 59 seconds later.
  • I deactivate IM clients: Messenger, Skype, Lync, etc.
  • Close Outlook, browsers, and any application in Windows which can break my concentration.
  • I get edge/bad plan wave. When I’m doing a Pomodoro, I’m working and need to do this work; so if someone gets to ask me something or get me to the shoulder, he meets a very unpleasant face of few friends.

And little more than, in this way I can see what I have done, what I’m doing, and the problems that I can get to have (jua!). The discipline is important in this kind of techniques, and while it may be more than one will it serve it, it is very likely more than one will it serve as a basis for their day to day efforts. The days that more cash am personally do 3 or 4 Pomodoros, because although you try to disconnect from the world, there are occasions in which “cut me the pomodoro in half”.

Greetings @ Alicante

The Bruno


PS: looking for images of the pomodoro I found a very good post on this technical here.

3 thoughts on “[PERSONAL] How I manage my daily work”

  1. Since I got into the client I try to measure my concentration time in “song tracks”. At least five tracks on my spotify means that I have been able to get concentrated into one task.

    Unfortunately, these kind of techniques are strongly dependent on the environment where you are trying to apply them.

    I will try to explain pomodoro (or my “spotify-track based version”) to my colleagues, perhaps it will help with the real-life implementation.

    Greetings Bruno.


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