ENG [#VS2015] #GitHub and Visual Studio 2015, first class citizen

Hello! Now we have already read / listen all the major Build news, is time to review the 2nd level news. Caution! These ones are, most the times, more appreciate for the developers community. In example, the integration between Visual Studio and Git is getting better and better since the last couple of years, Microsoft promise  "we want to be where are the developers" [...]


ENG [#MAKER] Living on the edge? You’ve to use the #Arduino hourly builds

Hello! If you like to live on the edge, drinking Red Bull all the time while you unsafely remove your USB drives, then surely this news will give you an adrenaline rush. Our friends at Arduino.cc (which aren't so good between them, now there are problems in the main team) now give us the option to download the stable version of the [...]

[#HUMOR] Never underestimate a bored developer; or the source code complexity dilemma

Hello! I clearly remember the first time I hear the next sentence Never underestimate a bored developer The next thing I saw after that, was a routine to solve sudokus in... T-SQL! I don't know if it was the fever I got in the past few days, or that I was somehow possessed by some demon; but today [...]

[#HUMOR] Nunca subestimes a un programador aburrido; o la complejidad imposible que puede alcanzar el source code

Hola! Recuerdo como si fuese hoy la primera vez que escuche la frase Nunca subestimes a un programador aburrido Lo siguiente que vi después de escuchar eso, fue una rutina para resolver sudokus en ... T-SQL !!! No se si ha sido la fiebre, o que estuve poseído por algún demonio; pero hoy he leído [...]