[#OPINION] My honest opinion about “meetings addicts”

Hello! I was reading this entry on Forbes "The Art and Science of Team Optimization" (link), and I remembered a talk we had a few days ago with a few coworkers about those people addicted to meetings. I'm not a SME in biology , but if you want to identify them is very easy. The following [...]


[#VS2015] Where to look to start a little dev for #Windows10? course in #GitHub

Hello! The official launch for the Windows 10 Dev tools was yesterday. It goes all around from Visual Studio 2015 to Team Foundation 2015, including some cool stuff like Visual Studio Tools, and other extensions. And that's the easy one, you just only have download the bits. Now, as a good developer, our body does not need [...]

[#VS2015] Donde busco para comenzar un poco de dev para #Windows10? pues claro en #GitHub

Hola! Ayer se hizo el lanzamiento oficial de herramientas para crear apps para Windows 10. Desde Visual Studio 2015 hasta Team Foundation 2015, pasando por las Visual Studio Tools, y otras extensiones. Esta parte es fácil, solo hay que darle al download y listo. Ahora bien, como buen developer lo que nuestro cuerpo necesita no [...]