[#AZURE] Azure #IoT Suite, really Cool !!!


I’m offline only one day and that’s it, Convergence event start and some cool news are all around. As example, Office 16 preview is here; however I think a cool one is the release (in preview mode) of the Internet of Things Suite for Azure. The main difference from the IoT Developer Kit de Intel, is that the Azure suite is more focused on services to support IoT scenarios, Intel one is more on developer tools.

Some services like Azure Intelligent System Services, Azure Stream Analytics or Machine Learning are the main core of this suite. IMHO MS position is very smart, a close relationship with hardware providers like Intel or Raspberry, and a strong backend support for services. As an example, one of the entry points for IoT is in the “server world” (link).

And another cool stuff, is the capability to use some consultant services to review IoT scenarios and also cool videos to describe some real samples

Greetings @ Rome

/El Bruno

Source: http://blogs.microsoft.com/iot/2015/03/16/microsoft-announces-azure-iot-suite/

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