[#OPENSOURCE] Now is #MSBuild time !!! ^_^


It was hoped that after the launch of Roslyn, MSBuild will become an Open Source tool. Not so long ago Roslyn was published on Github, and of course >> MSBuild is the next step.

In addition to being “a tool / platform / something else” the release of MSBuild is special for Microsoft. During the last 10 years (or more) MSBuild has been the core platform for compilation of applications in the .Net world.

Since Visual Studio 2005 until today, every project, solution or asset related to Visual Studio was built by MSBuild ;).

I have no accurate statistics, but I’m sure I’ve written more than 200 posts on MSBuild customizations. And of course, Team Foundation Server uses MSBuild for automated build processes so the cycle is complete.

And now that is open source… because we can expect specific versions for Linux or Mac, customization to do to compile other types of platforms, etc.

For example, and this is more a personal guess than a line of work. Now that Android is an element as well integrated within the Microsoft ecosystem, why not be able to use Visual Studio to create native apps for Android? Integrate the environment for compiling Java / Android with MSBuild is not an impossible task 😀

Greetings @ Home

/El Bruno


MSBuild now is open source, http://blogs.msdn.com/b/dotnet/archive/2015/03/18/msbuild-engine-is-now-open-source-on-github.aspx?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

MSBuild on GitHub, https://github.com/Microsoft/msbuild

Roslyn, http://roslyn.codeplex.com/

MSBuild posts, https://elbruno.com/category/visual-studio/msbuild/


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