[#GITHUB] #Roslyn family will move to #GitHub, one more time thanks #Microsoft!


When .Net and Mono “moved” to Open Source, I have to write a post because I think of the type of actions that really demonstrate the commitment of Microsoft to the developers community. Aside from the Open Source stuff, GitHub is the most popular platform used in the developers community, so it makes sense to move all the content. If you want the developers to participate, for sure GitHub will be in a more natural environment. I also wrote about this in this post, where I mentioned as SignalR, Asp.Net and others are on this platform.


Well, this week is Roslyn which moves to GitHub, and in this case from CodePlex. This news we can see directly from the home of the Roslyn in CodePlex site ! And of course, I have to go to the C# team and Visual Basic team blogs to check if the complete family will move.

Visual Basic Team, We’re moving to GitHub!

C# FAQ, We’re moving to GitHub!

Good news! Now just wait for it to begin to give a chance to more and more relevant to StackOverflow about MSDN forums 😀

Greetings @ Home

/El Bruno

Source: https://roslyn.codeplex.com/



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