[#OPINION] GitHub vs VSO? "We want to be where our community is" ;)


This year I shared very different environments, not only driven by developers, also with business and tech people Yet I still find people who think that Microsoft is a very closed and rigid company, which main focus is to force everyone to use their products. In this cases, I usually share an very know scenario for myself: I usually comment about TFS. How TFS since 2005 has evolved from “a designed to sell product”  to a “product enriched by the community” and also, by the use that MS internally perform of the product.

There is also another samples, like tools or platforms like ASP.Net MVC or SignalR. They became an Open Source model (or born as one). In all these cases, the central idea of the teams of MS products is very different from the one people usually have about MS.

Today I found this post, where a .net team comments why they are moving samples of .net Framework to GitHub. The explanation provides some grounds relating to the advantages and virtues of GitHub, however there is one that is really good


We want to be where our community is

And that’s is all you need to understand. There are many people who know and use GitHub, why leaving the code samples on other place? Kudos to the MS team who has taken this decision.

And what about Visual Studio Online?

Move examples to GitHub, does not mean that we don’t have to use anymore Visual Studio Online (VSO). For management and coordination of work teams, personally I think that VSO is much more powerful than GitHub (probably is a matter of habit).

If you need Git, VSO offers the chance to create Team Projects where you can use Git for the Source Control; with the additional advantage of services of Build, load, management of bugs, tasks, equipment tests And as always, free up to 5 devs, and with free access for the stakeholders (as already explained here).

We return to one of the maxims of the development:

The right tool for each scenario Winking smile

Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/dotnet/archive/2014/09/16/net-sample-code-on-github.aspx

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