#Bots – Error when you update the #NuGet package for System.IdentityModel.Tokens.Jwt on your #MicrosoftBot Application

Hello! For a few days, I was lucky and go back to the great world of Microsoft Bot. In this one, my main task was to update one Bot I've created some time ago. The update process is fairly simple. Gisela has written a post where he explains the biggest changes, and otherwise you can always browse ans learn [...]


#Windows10 – Device Portal Wrapper available via NuGet and source code in #GitHub

Hello! Some time ago I wrote about the Device Portal capabilities for Hololens. In my case, there are some key actions like remote monitoring, remote apps deploy and to device restart, which are very useful in my developer day to day. Now is time to say thanks to the Windows Developer team. This is because, the "Windows Device Portal Wrapper" project [...]

#Windows10 – Device Portal Wrapper en #NuGet y #GitHub

Hola ! Hace algún tiempo escribí sobre las capacidades de Device Portal, en especial para Hololens. En mi caso, acciones como el monitoring remoto, la capacidad de desplegar apps y poder reinicar un device, son muy útiles en el día a día como developer. Hoy me entero gracias al blog de Windows Developer, que el [...]

#AZURE – Nuevo componente PCL para trabajar con #AzureIoTHub en #NuGet

Hola! Hoy es día de Build, así que solo un post rápido y útil.El equipo de Azure IoT Hub ha liberado un paquete NuGet con una implementación PCL que soporta Android y iOS (Xamarin), Windows 10 (UWP) y Windows Phone (WinRT) de Azure IoT Hub Client. Asi que, ahora es aún más fácil integrar nuestras apps con el entorno IoT de Azure. Saludos [...]

#VS2015 – Enviar tweets desde una app #UWP #Windows10 con #TweetMoaSharp

Hola ! Hace un tiempo escribí un post donde comenté sobre un paquete para trabajar con Twitter desde una Windows 10 Universal App. En ese post comenté también que era una pena que la excelente TweetSharp de Daniel Crenna, no soporte Windows Universal Apps. Ayer actualizando una app con problemas, me encuentro con TweetMoaSharp. Que es [...]

#VS2015 – Observer Pattern the easy way with #NuGet and #CSharp 6 features

Hola! These days I'm dealing with a Winforms app who needs tons of love (Thanks Tori!). I'm slowly addidng some stuff like IoC, and I get to a point where I need to upgrade the current implementation of Observer for a better one. Lucky for us, in Net Framework 4.0 the MS team added the cool IObserver<T> interface, however there is some code [...]

[#VS2013] NuGet Error: Failed to initialize the PowerShell host. If your PowerShell execution policy setting is set to AllSigned, open the Package Manager Console to initialize the host first.

Hello! Today I'll go with a and easy-to-fix Visual Studio error. I was fixing some old projects and I find that suddenly NuGet decided to stop working. The error message was pretty clear ' EntityFramework 6.1. 1′ already installed. Adding ' EntityFramework 6.1. 1′ to BigAndCoolProject. Successfully added ' EntityFramework 6.1. 1′ to BigAndCoolProject. Executing script file '... \src\packages\EntityFramework.6.1.1\tools\install.ps1′. Failed to [...]