#Podcast – NTN 63 – Microsoft Regional Directors, un poco de tecnología y transformación digital

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Hoy tenemos la suerte de hablar con Alberto Diaz Martin, David Rodriguez Hernandez y Juan Quijano sobre su experiencia como Microsoft Regional Director. Es super interesante ver como el enfoque de este reconocimiento es orientado 100% hacia el negocio y las diferencias con reconocimientos más técnicos como un Microsoft MVP. Nos cuentan además su experiencias en roles directivos, especialmente sus responsabilidades y visión como CTOs.

Además, Alberto y David son amigos de batallas y viejos rockeros, hacia el final comentamos un poco sobre nuestros puestos de trabajo … y termino aprendiendo cosas que no conocía del Desktop de Windows 10 !


  • Alberto Diaz Martin es Cloud Specialist | Chief Technology and Innovation Officer | Microsoft Regional Director | Microsoft Azure MVP | Office Apps & Services MVP | My passion is my work with technology (LinkedIn)
  • David J. Rodriguez Hernandez es CTO at Intelequia Software Solutions, Microsoft Regional Director and Azure MVP (LinkedIn)
  • Juan Carlos Quijano Abad es Microsoft Certified Trainer, Arquitecto de Soluciones en Azure, Consultor independiente en implantación de DevOps (LinkedIn)
  • Bruno Capuano es Canada Innovation Lead at Avanade and Microsoft AI MVP (LinkedIn)

Happy coding!


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#Personal – The amazing moment when you realize that you are helping people ! #MVPBuzz

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Being part of communities is awesome, and sometimes you get some feedback that really makes your day. Last week, I saw in the LinkedIn updates, that one of my LinkedIn contacts get a new Job in the VR/AR space.

Note: Do you know that VR/AR is on the most hot job around today. Read the article [AR/VR engineers replace blockchain programmers as hottest commodity] in the references section.

Based on some Scott Hanselman advise, I spend my 15 min a day, giving kudos to people who are rocking our tech world. And I take advantage of the super cool LinkedIn suggested messages. Then this happened:

I meet MrX (keep his name confidential) last year during a Microsoft Mixed Reality event. I was part of the proctors and I had the time of my life helping there.

This event was pivotal into MrX career, she/he decided to go in this way. And 2 years later … boom, MrX is an Applied Research in AR/VR.

I don’t know you, but this types of experiences really make my day.

As always, happy to help!

Happy coding!


El Bruno


#Event – Slides of the session [Tips on how to earn an MVP award and what are the benefits] #MVPBuzz

Hi !

Quick post today, I’m dealing with tons of personal stuff and my blogging time is near to zero 😀

Yesterday I co-hosted a session with Ehsan (@ehsaneskandarim) about our experiences in the MVP program. It was nice to share some non technical content, and I hope I shocked some people with my Xbox Controller demo for a 5 years old kid.

By the way, my 2 main topics were related to

Please think on diversity for your technical communities. Include diverse people, invite diverse people, do fast talks, and more … When I read that @prsdkmt posted this tweet, I was happy that at least one person get the message

I’ve been working in Avanade for almost 14 years, and they always supported my MVP role. This is also very important if you are lucky to start this path

Job which supports MVP role, thanks Avanade

And of course, my slides :

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno

#MVPBuzz – Renewed as Microsoft MVP, 11 years and in Artificial Intelligence & Windows Development!

el bruno session mvp logoHi!

A couple of days ago, my Twitter TL was flooded with congratulations to the MVPs. In my case I was lucky enough to be recognized one more year. This year in the Windows Development and Artificial Intelligence categories .

I have to thank the entire Canada Microsoft Community who have helped me a lot during the period of adaptation, also to the Canadian MVPs who are incredible people, my colleagues from Avanade Canada, all the Spanish MVPs and all the other countries where I have a great relationship. And obviously, to my family which have tons of patience, to support me in every one of my new adventures.

Well, now it’s my turn to raise my Artificial Intelligence level and keep learning, sharing and looking for new solutions!

Happy Coding!

Greetings @ Toronto > Calgary > Castlegar > Calgary > Toronto

El Bruno

PS: Today I arrived at the airport of Toronto at 04:00 am and I am about to make 4 flights in 2 days, so it is very possible that I do not finish my Machine series Learning, UWP, Yolo on Windows 10 until Thursday.

#MVPBuzz – ¡Renovado como Microsoft MVP, 11 años y en Inteligencia Artificial y Windows Development!

el bruno session mvp logoBuenas!

Hace un par de días, mi TL de Twitter se inundó con las felicitaciones a los MVPs. En mi caso tuve la suerte de ser reconocido un año más. Esta vez en las categorías Windows Development y Artificial Intelligence.

Tengo que agradecer a toda la comunidad de Microsoft de Canada que me han ayudado muchísimo durante el periodo de adaptación, a los MVPs canadienses que son unas personas increíbles, a mis compañeros de Avanade Canada, a todos los Spanish MVPs y de otros países con los que tengo una relación genial. Y, obviamente, a mi familia que se toman con paciencia, mucha paciencia, cada una de mis aventuras en las comunidades.

Pues bien, ahora me toca subir mi nivel en Artificial Intelligence y seguir ¡aprendiendo, compartiendo y buscando nuevas soluciones!

Happy Coding!

Saludos @ Toronto > Calgary > Castlegar > Calgary > Toronto

El Bruno

PD: Hoy he llegado al aeropuerto de Toronto a las 04:00 AM y estoy a punto de hacer 4 vuelos en 2 días, con lo que es muy posible que no termine mi serie de Machine Learning, UWP, Yolo en Windows 10 hasta el jueves.

#Personal – 10 years as #Microsoft MVP (and now Canadian MVP!)


Hello !

Today’s post is a happy one but not an easy one. This is mainly because if I want to name all the people I’ve known, and who have helped me during these 10 years as MVP, for sure I’ll forget many of them.

So I’ll start with the one who gave me tons of help and support during these years: Cristina Gonzalez (@crisgherrero). I usually have weird ideas, and Cristina has always found the way to help me to carry them out. And not only me but also to all the MVPs from Spain, Portugal, Italy and now believe that other countries also!

She also was the one who supported my international transfer (the other one!). In addition to the Avanade transfer, in this new year, I got this fabulous MVP recognition email. This time in English, I am now a CANADIAN MVP!


Now I have a new MVP Lead, Simran, and I must say that I have had an amazing and “warm welcome!”. I’ll try to continue working and share in Spanish-speaking communities, the podcast (link) is an experience which is giving me tons of fun so I promote it one more year, and I will continue writing in Spanish and English on my blog.

For now, I have one while longer in Cordoba where I will share something about mixed reality, then in March I have a session of Hololens in Kitchener, another session on the way with Mississauga.Net User Group … come on, that after a year of “landing” I’m starting to take turns and share and learn. So again, many thanks to all those who in one way and another have been part of this great experience 😀

Greetings @ Cordoba

El Bruno

#Personal – 10 años de MVP (ahora Canadian MVP!)


Hola !

El de hoy es un post alegre pero muy difícil, porque seguramente si quiero nombrar a todas las personas que he conocido, y que me han ayudado durante estos 10 años como MVP, me olvidaré a muchos.

A la que tengo que agradecer si o si, por todo el apoyo y ayuda durante estos años es a Cristina Gonzalez (@crisgherrero). Mira que yo suelo tener ideas raras, y Cristina siempre ha encontrado la forma de ayudarme a llevarlas adelante. Y no solo a mí, sino también a todo el grupete de MVPs de España, Portugal, Italia y ahora creo que otros países también !

Ella también “es la culpable” de mi otro transfer internacional. Además del transfer de Avanade, en año nuevo me encontré con el fabuloso correo de reconocimiento de MVP. Esta vez en inglés, ahora soy un CANADIAN MVP !


Ahora tengo un nuevo MVP Lead, Simran, y he de decir que he tenido un “warm welcome !“. Seguiré colaborando con lo que pueda en las comunidades en Español, el podcast (link) es una experiencia que me sigue divirtiendo así que lo impulsaré un año más; y el blog lo seguiré escribiendo en Español e Inglés.

Por ahora me quedan un tiempo más en Córdoba donde seguiré compartiendo algo sobre Realidad Mixta, luego en Marzo tengo una sesión de Hololens en Kitchener, otra en camino para el grupo de usuarios de Mississauga … vamos, que después de un año de “landing” ya empiezo a dar vueltas y a compartir y a aprender. Así que de nuevo, muchas gracias a todos los que de una forma y otra han sido parte de esta gran experiencia 😀

Saludos @ Córdoba

El Bruno