#Personal – 10 years as #Microsoft MVP (and now Canadian MVP!)


Hello !

Today’s post is a happy one but not an easy one. This is mainly because if I want to name all the people I’ve known, and who have helped me during these 10 years as MVP, for sure I’ll forget many of them.

So I’ll start with the one who gave me tons of help and support during these years: Cristina Gonzalez (@crisgherrero). I usually have weird ideas, and Cristina has always found the way to help me to carry them out. And not only me but also to all the MVPs from Spain, Portugal, Italy and now believe that other countries also!

She also was the one who supported my international transfer (the other one!). In addition to the Avanade transfer, in this new year, I got this fabulous MVP recognition email. This time in English, I am now a CANADIAN MVP!


Now I have a new MVP Lead, Simran, and I must say that I have had an amazing and “warm welcome!”. I’ll try to continue working and share in Spanish-speaking communities, the podcast (link) is an experience which is giving me tons of fun so I promote it one more year, and I will continue writing in Spanish and English on my blog.

For now, I have one while longer in Cordoba where I will share something about mixed reality, then in March I have a session of Hololens in Kitchener, another session on the way with Mississauga.Net User Group … come on, that after a year of “landing” I’m starting to take turns and share and learn. So again, many thanks to all those who in one way and another have been part of this great experience 😀

Greetings @ Cordoba

El Bruno

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