[#INTEL] IoT Developer Kit 1.0

Hello! I still go on with some draft post after the MWC15, in this case I'll change from facial recognition to Internet of Things. One of the news that impacted me was the Development Kit IoT released by Intel. An important one, don't expect for a a single installer with everything inside. For this DevKit we have several … Continue reading [#INTEL] IoT Developer Kit 1.0

[#INTEL] IoT Developer Kit 1.0

Hola! Sigo con post atrasados por el MWC15, en este caso paso de reconocimiento facial a Internet of Things. Una de las noticias que me llamó la atención fue el Kit de desarrollo para IoT que lanzó Intel. Un detalle importante es que aquí no hay un único instalador con todo dentro, hay varios instaladores para … Continue reading [#INTEL] IoT Developer Kit 1.0

[#EVENT] My quick appeareance in #DotNetSpain2015

Hi! Last February 28th, I was lucky enough to host 2 sessions in the biggest .net event in Spain "Spain Dot Net Conference". I shared my Coding4Fun experiences and also I talked a little about Arduinos, Galileos, Netduinos, etc. As soon as I ended my sessiones I take a flight to Baarcelona to host and help in … Continue reading [#EVENT] My quick appeareance in #DotNetSpain2015

[#GALILEO] #HowTo: install #Intel Galileo drivers in #Windows10

Hello! Although Windows 10, shares much of its core with Windows 8, is very likely that some programs or drivers do not work correctly. In my case, what I find is that the drivers of Intel Galileo installer will not work. So the time comes to install the drivers hand. In the case of the … Continue reading [#GALILEO] #HowTo: install #Intel Galileo drivers in #Windows10

[#GALILEO] #HowTo: Instalar #Intel Galileo drivers en #Windows10

Hola! Si bien Windows 10, comparte gran parte de su core con Windows 8, es muy probable que algunos programas o drivers no funcionen correctamente. En mi caso, lo que me encuentro es que el instalador de los drivers de Intel Galileo no funcionan. Así que llega el momento de instalar los drivers a mano. En … Continue reading [#GALILEO] #HowTo: Instalar #Intel Galileo drivers en #Windows10

[#GALILEO] HowTo: Perform a #firmware update to an #Intel Galileo

Hello! I take that point-to-point put the materials for the #Coding4Fun session, and am going to rescue some posts that I have in draft mode. In this case related to Intel Galileo . If you've worked with Arduinos, the first thing that catches your attention when you have in your hands a Galileo, is that … Continue reading [#GALILEO] HowTo: Perform a #firmware update to an #Intel Galileo

[#GALILEO] HowTo: Actualizar el #firmware en #Intel Galileo

Hola! Aprovecho que pongo a punto los materiales para la sesión de #Coding4Fun, y voy a rescatar algunos posts que tengo en modo draft. En este caso relacionados con Intel Galileo. Si has trabajado con Arduinos, lo primero que te llama la atención cuando tienes en las manos un Galileo, es que el mismo requiere un power externo … Continue reading [#GALILEO] HowTo: Actualizar el #firmware en #Intel Galileo