[#INTEL] IoT Developer Kit 1.0


I still go on with some draft post after the MWC15, in this case I’ll change from facial recognition to Internet of Things. One of the news that impacted me was the Development Kit IoT released by Intel.

An important one, don’t expect for a a single installer with everything inside. For this DevKit we have several installers for each of the options that has Intel at this time, like as updates for Edison and Galileo images.

From the point of view of development environments, we have a version of Eclipse for developing in C++, in addition to the classic format Arduino environment. The latter may like more or less, but in a minimalist mode meets and exceeds the basic developments in C++ in plain text format.

If you love javascript, what’s yours is Intel XDK. I was testing some time ago, and the truth is that the best way to explain it would be to imagine a node.js server which has a number of available APIs to interact with the device.

Finally, in the world of visual programming, we have the option to use Wyliodrin. This environment is 100% visual, and nothing better to see it in action with a pair of sensors Grove in a video

Greetings @ Madrid

/El Bruno

Home Page: https://software.intel.com/en-us/iot/downloads

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