#AzureIoT – How to create an Azure IoT module from an Azure #CustomVision project 👀 5/N

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Hi !

Today’s post will be mostly focused on code. And on the main tasks

Let’s start from here.

Azure Container Registry Module

I deployed several versions of the module. All compiled to the ARM32V7 platform, or Raspberry Pi.

azure container registry image recognition module

Azure IoT Module

Now, I can add the module to one of the Azure IoT test devices.

And, after a couple of seconds, the device is up and running ! As a double check process, I list the running modules via a SSH connection with the command

iotedge list
azure iot device list running modules via ssh

Test the Azure IoT Custom Vision module

So, everything seems to be running fine. Let’s test the module. The 1st call will to the IP:Port to validate the default response. The output is similar to this one, so 1st OK.

pi@rpiIoT01:~ $ curl
CustomVision.ai simple drawing server.
pi@rpiIoT01:~ $

Final test is to perform a real analysis using a picture and postman. And, it also works !

test azure iot module from postman

So far, so good. In the next post, I’ll start to think on adding some configuration options, and refactor and improve!


Happy coding!


El Bruno

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