#AzureIoT – Using a Raspberry Pi Grove Sensor in an ☁ Azure IoT Edge Module (4/N)

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In my previous post I the steps to create an Azure IoT Module interacting with Grove sensors in a Raspberry Pi. I won’t write about Azure Container Registry, check the references section for more information. At this point I’ll azure we have an ARM32 image is published and ready to use from an ACR.

On Azure IoT on the module, let’s go to the [Set Modules] section and add the ACR information: name, address, user name and password. Then we can add a new module with the [Add // IoT Edge Module] option

Let’s define the name for the module, just in case, I always do this in lowercase. And then the uri which usually uses the format

# template
<your ACR>.azurecr.io/<module name>:<image version>-arm32v7

# in example for ebgrovetemperaturedht11 - version 0.0.43
[<your ACR>.azurecr.io/ebgrovetemperaturedht11:0.0.43-arm32v7]
add new custom module

As I wrote in my previous post, the module uses Environment Variables, so we can define them here

azure iot module define environmental variables

And, finally as I mentioned before, the specific create options to allow access to the grove sensors.

Confirm and Create the module with these options, and 20 seconds later we can see this module up and running in the Edge device,

azure iot modules up and running

And that’s it! I may add some extra posts with some specific details, however I hope that these 4 posts may help someone starting in a similar scenario!


Happy coding!


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  1. Thanks for the article.Can you please suggest how to vie the send message in iot hub,as Iam not getting any logs in device explorer.But module is up and running


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