#Tools – Using an old #Android tablet as an additional monitor

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Hi !

Please don’t ask me why, however today I was in the need to have a 3rd monitor to my current setup.

And, somewhere during these days, I remember that someone commented about using an old iPad / Android tablet as an external monitor.

We don’t do Apple at home (again, don’t ask me why!), however I still have some old Android tablets, and I decided to try some of those apps.

Note: You know the feeling about installing Android apps, you never know what’s there.

So, after a couple of tests, I found a super cool and decent solution:

SpaceDesk (see references)

I won’t bother with detailed instructions;

  • Install the app on your PC, that will be the host.
  • Install the app on the Android tablet (client)
  • Both needs to be in the same network
  • and done !

Some settings to arrange the screen

And, in the Bottom left corner you may see a new screen

3 monitors

Awesome !

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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