#MSIgnite – Book of news is available ! Also translated to Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish #MSIgnite2020

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Hi !

Awesome news from Microsoft Ignite 2020. We have access to the book of news, and it also have translations to support languages other than English. The Book of news is a guide to the key news items that we are announcing at Ignite, and instead of the usual PDF, now we have an amazing website with all the contents!

Note: The original plan was to share this from New Orleans 😀

Microsoft Ignite – BOOK OF NEWS

The book of news is huge with these main sections

And, as I mentioned before it has translations to

And remember, see you later today at our AI session

The promise of AI and ML – Will it change the world?

Bruno in the Ignite session promotional poster

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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