#Personal – We have a “Learn to pronounce” feature in Google !

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Hi !

Some days ago, while I was searching for the meaning of a word, I found an amazing feature in Google:

Learn to pronounce

learn to pronounce feature in Google results

And it’s very basic and amazing at the same time.

  • You search for a definition of a word
  • In the result area, you get the speaker button, who reproduces the word
  • Once you play the word, a new feature will be available: [Learn to Pronounce]
  • This will open a new section, with the mouth movements for the American and British pronunciation

That’s it, super useful ! I could not find a lot of related information about this. It seems that it’s been around for over 2 years, based on these The Verge articles:

Besides some great AI in the back, this is so amazing 😀

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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