#Python – Easy way to install #OpenCV and #TensorFlow with Anaconda

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Hi !

After sharing a couple of sessions using the Drone and working with the drone camera, a couple of people contacted me with issues while they try to install OpenCV and/or TensorFlow, to be used with Python.

There are plenty of tutorials about this, so I will share a very easy one.

1st step is to install Anaconda (see references). Once Anaconda is installed, let’s launch the Anaconda PowerShell Prompt to install dependencies.

The 2 main commands to install the desired packages are

# install TensorFlow
pip install tensorflow --user

# install OpenCV
pip install opencv-python

And that’s it! All the packages should be installed. An easy way to test if both packages are installed is to launch python and

# check tensorflow, and display tensorflow version
import tensorflow as tf

# check OpenCV, and display OpenCV version
import cv2

The output should be similar to this one

anaconda check tensorflow and opencv with python

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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