#MSTeams – #SnapChat lenses on Microsoft Teams ! (Why not? and #ToiletPaper as a bonus)

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Hi !

Let’s go with a fun off-topic for a Friday, and let’s use some SnapChat lenses in our camera feed in Microsoft Teams.

Disclaimer: This is not a very useful post, but in this Covid-19 days, you can get some fun with this in all the virtual meetings.

So, simple steps

  • Close Teams App
  • Download the SnapCamera lenses apps for Windows or Mac from https://snapcamera.snapchat.com/download/
  • Perform the installation wizard, 30 seconds later is done!
  • Open the App and select your favorite lens. An toiler paper hat !
  • Open Microsoft Teams and go to Settings
  • In the Devices section, you will see a new camera available: Snap Camera. Select this one.
  • And that’s it ! Now your camera in Teams will have a lot of amazing features.
  • Something like this !

You can change filter on the fly, in SnapCamera app, and it will be reflected on the camera feed. Also, you may need to close all apps before install SnapCamera, in order to allow the apps to detect the new camera. Normal Windows stuff.

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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