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Hi !

I’ll hold my drone series to basically repost an amazing news for today:

Announcing the .NET Core Uninstall Tool 1.0!

This is amazing! Mostly because .Net Core versions are a “not-happy experience” to manage. If you work with them a lot, you probably find yourself going to “Add and Remove Programs” and spending from 5 minutes to 3 hours, manually unistalling all the non-required versions.

So, we have a new tool that will allow us to to this, but with an amazing set of commands. And, it works for Windows and Mac !

Let’s take a look. In example, to check my currently installed sdks, I can run a command that we already knows

dotnet --list-sdks

and the result is this one

So cool! And there are several very useful commands to see dependencies, SDKs required by Visual Studio and more (see references). I like the WhatIf version, so in example the following command

dotnet-core-uninstall whatif --all-below 2.2.301 --sdk

Shows the result of a dry run of removing all .NET Core SDKs below the version 2.2.301:

Again, check the documentation for all the possible scenarios. And, as I said, so cool !

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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