Let’s have Pacman Bounding in a Box

Before starting with our tutorial, please make sure you follow requirements installations instructions from this post (check requirements).

Once you have all your project ready you will see something like this.


What is a Bounding Box and when do i need it?

Basically if you want to transform objects in Mixed Reality, this is the standard interface (BoundingBox.cs), that Microsoft provides to accomplish this. You can scale, rotate and display proximity.

How can I Transform an object?

* We will use a PacMan i created, you can download the object in this link.

1 – Go to Asset> Import new Asset> Pacman> Import we will use this object to start learning how the bounding box works.


2 – You will see the object in your Asset folder under Project like this. Drag and drop it to your scene.


3 – Select the Pacman object in your scene, and…

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