Locate Holograms with Spatial Anchors and Mixed Reality Toolkit in IOS

Hi everyone! As promised below you will find a simple tutorial on how to use Spatial Anchors in an iOS app with Mixed Reality Toolkit.

What is Spatial Anchors for?

Cross Platform

The way in which it is possible to share a hologram with other devices (we saw in previous tutorials that we are specifically IOS, Android and Hololens 2), is through the use of Spatial Anchors.

Spatial Anchors can be located by multiple devices in the same place and at the same time. With this application, if two different devices connect to the same session, they can locate the saved Anchors.

Let’s start!

This video shows the result of this tutorial.

Software requirements

Aditional Pachages for IOS

  • Ar Foundation version 1.5.0 preview 6
  • ARKit XR Plugin v.2.1.2

Creating the App

1. Create…

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