Predict prices using regression with ML.NET

Time With AI

Create a console application

  1. Create a.NET Core Console Applicationcalled “TaxiFarePrediction”.
  2. Create a directory namedDatain your project to store the data set and model files.
  3. Install theMicrosoft.MLNuGet Package:InSolution Explorer, right-click the project and selectManage NuGet Packages. Choose “” as the Package source, select theBrowsetab, search forMicrosoft.ML, select the package in the list, and select theInstallbutton. Select theOKbutton on thePreview Changesdialog and then select theI Acceptbutton on theLicense Acceptancedialog if you agree with the license terms for the packages listed. Do the same for theMicrosoft.ML.FastTreeNuget package.

Prepare and understand the data

  1. Download thetaxi-fare-train.csvand thetaxi-fare-test.csvdata sets and save them to theDatafolder you’ve created at the previous step. We use these data sets to train the machine learning model and then evaluate…

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