#MacOs – Where is my Total Commander? hey, the amazing fman is a great alternative!

Hi !

In my 2 previous posts I shared my experiences looking for alternatives to Paint and Putty in MacOS. Both tools are very important, however are not as frecuently used as this one in Windows: Total Commander.

Total Commander is amazing, that’s it. I’ve using TC since I’m using Windows. The whole idea of 2 file panels where you can easily copy and move files between the panels is great. Also a single click to edit or view a file is a very powerful option. I’ve even stopped using FileZilla for FTP actions, because TC has an amazing and powerful embedded FTP client.

Note: I know that the 2 file panel concept is much older than windows. Some colleagues show me old demos of Norton Commander, which seems to be an awesome product back on those days.

Norton Commander 5.51

So, now that I know the website https://alternativeto.net/, I searched for alternatives to Total Commander for MacOS. This is the direct link for a set of alternatives https://alternativeto.net/software/total-commander/

I’ve used a few during the past weeks, and I finally decided to use fman as main file system tool in MacOS. And there are a couple of reasons for this.

  • It’s very simple. Does not have any additional or silly features, it has an amazing and simple user interface.

01 fman simple view

  • It also uses the standard keys for copy, paste and more actions like Total Commander. My hand memory is very useful here.

03 fman keyboard

  • Same with arrows keys and backspace to get back to previous folder.
  • Cmd & P opens a very powerful search bar. I really like this feature.

02 fman quick search

  • And it also support plugins. There is a full ecosystem of plugins here: https://fman.io/docs/plugins and this also give me chance to improve my python skills.

Finally, it’s cheap! I’ll give this a try during march and then I’ll get a license. And kudos to Michael Hermann (@m_herrmann) who created this tool after moving to MacOS from Windows and be used to use Total Commander.

Disclaimer: I won’t share the name of the products I’ve tried and not liked. There are a few of them.

Happy coding!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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