#AI – MARLO 2018, Contest using Reinforcement Learning on Minecraft

01 Marlo 2018


A while ago I wrote a series of posts about “Artificial Intelligence With Minecraft using Project Malmo“. Minecraft is an excellent playground To test AI experiences, and competencies like MARMO are excellent for learning and to drive the AI community.

Learning to Play: The Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning in MalmO Competition (“Challenge”) is a new challenge that proposes research on Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning using multiple games. Participants would create learning agents that will be able to play multiple 3D games as defined in the MalmO platform. The aim of the competition is to encourage AI research on more general approaches via multi-player games. For this, the Challenge will consist of not one but several games, each one of them with several tasks of varying difficulty and settings. Some of these tasks will be public and participants will be able to train on them. Others, however, will be private, only used to determine the final rankings of the competition.

The competition has been open for a long time so that participants can know the environment, and will formally start on the 14th November At the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Canada.

More information

Learning to Play: The Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning in MalmÖ (MARLÖ) Competition

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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