#Windows10 – Windows Community Toolkit V 3.0 makes life incredibly easy if you need working with the camera in a #UWP App



These are worldcup days so the posts will be short and at directly to the foot. Today I was in need to work with the camera in a UWP App; and of course, this requires a few lines of code, but I know they can be just one line of code. I remembered that the latest version of Windows Community Toolkit V 3.0 We Allowed reduce the code to the following

Xaml code:

<controls:CameraPreview x:Name=”CameraPreviewControl” />

C# code:

await CameraPreviewControl.StartAsync(); ();

CameraPreviewControl.CameraHelper.FrameArrived += CameraPreviewControl_FrameArrived;

Incredibly Easy! Some time ago I wrote about other features in previous versions. In example: we could work with Bluetooth Low Energy also with a couple of lines of code, and as in version 1.2 this Toolkit It helped us to use the correct way the pool of connections HttpClient.

Important: If you haven’t read this post, you should. The class HttpClient may give you some headaches if you do not know how it works internally.

So, today with only 3 lines I have integrated the camera to my App and I can still see the surprises that leaves the World Cup!

Happy coding!

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno

PS: If you are a parent, you must know Pusheen The Cat


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