#WINDOWS10 – UWP Community Toolkit 1.5. New BlueTooth LE features, new controls and more …


I’ve put on hold my Hololens projects today, and it was time to refresh my UWP and Cognitive Services knowledge to close a couple of Apps. So, this seems to be a good time to check what’s new with the UWP Community Toolkit. Since my last review it has some new controls and features, and some of them are a good fit for my Apps.

OrbitView, a very nice UI control with a very specific orbit presentation of information

BlueTooth LE Helper, this one presents the very complicated BLE model in a more developer friendly coding interface. We can use this to discover, enumerate, connect and interact with BlueTooth Low Energy devices


And, let’s not forget of some classic features like the AppSetting helper, the network information helper and more.

There are several ways to start and to use the UWP Community Toolkit

  • Go to the GitHub repository, clone the repo and take a nice and deep look at the source code
  • Search and Add the NuGet package into a UWP app and use the features we need
  • Download the sample App from the Microsoft Store to have a live view of the Toolkit features.

Happy Coding!

Saludos @ Burlington

El Bruno




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