#CROWDFUNDING – The era of the Nostalgia with the new #Atari VCS and a bit of Robots


During these days I am preparing sessions for the month of June so I don’t have much time to write about Visual Studio (no spoilers!). Beside this, I’m still spending some time investigating interesting crowdfunding projects.

In this list, I have encountered a new nostalgia exercise: Atari VCS. I understand that people who had an Atari 2600 will be delighted and, for those of us who did not have that luck a pile of years ago, this is our chance.

If you have doubts about the project, it has surpassed the initial objectives. This fact is one that usually indicates the health of a project in crowdfunding projects.


Now, if $299 is little money for your pocket, and you have not been able to access the commercial range of Boston Dynamics, Super Anthony is an amazing option. I commented with @DavidBiencinto yesterday that the promotional video they have done has some Michael Bay style: Epic everywhere.

The detail here is the $1999 of the robot. That Yes, then you can imagine that the Kaijus …


Happy coding!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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