#AI – Some news in Cognitive Services presented at #MSBuild 2018


Again, it’s time to write about some topics what has most caught my attention in the news presented during Microsoft Build 2018. In this case I will only comment on some news related to Vision and Speech.


  • Computer Vision, now supports Object Detection. We have the ability to detect objects in an image. I have to see more in depth that we can both exploit this capacity in Custom Vision.
  • Custom Vision, new formats to export models. Until now we had the ability to export Custom Vision models to CoreML and TensorFlow.
    Now we have 2 new options that really are impressive

    • Export to ONNX. About this I wrote about it. Now we can use these models natively as part of our UWP Apps in Windows 10.
    • Export to Docker File. Especially designed for mixed scenarios with Azure Functions and Azure IOT Edge



The first thing to comment is a big but very necessary change.

We now have a single service that handles: Speech to Text, Text to Speech and Speech Intent Recognition.

The 2nd point to note is that we now have the ability to Create our own Voice Models. This means that we could create Alexa or Cortana style assistants using our own voice. Ideal to give to your partner, your mother or your worst enemy.

And with this I put pause for today. Happy coding!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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