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About 6 months ago I commented in a post the official “goodbye” of Microsoft Kinect. After many years working with this device, it was a very unpleasant feeling to have to put it aside.

Well, today among the stack of new features that were presented in Microsoft Build, there is one that I have to review

Project Kinect for Azure

As it turns out, in the middle of the IoT Edge presentation, when you least expect it, a slide appears talking about Project Kinect for Azure. And smart, if you did not see it, you lost. Luckily, Alex Kipman, had published a few minutes before a complete article on LinkedIn Press about it.

Let’s go for it. Although Microsoft has discontinued Microsoft Kinect, that does not mean that it has left aside the research and development related to depth sensors. Hololens is an excellent example of how it has advanced in aspects such as size and energy consumption, also having an excellent capacity for perception. And the sensors in Hololens belong to “the 3rd generation of depth sensors”.

Note: 1st generation Kinect for Xbox 360, 2nd generation Kinect for Xbox One, 3rd generation Hololens.

Well, Project Kinect for Azure presents the 4th generation of depth sensors. I still do not know what the characteristics and capabilities of these new sensors will be, although I would like to speculate that they will be designed to natively integrate some of the capabilities of Azure Cognitive Services. In addition to the improvements that can be expected in terms of quality, capacity, etc.

It’ a happy time to be a Kinect Developer again!

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno



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