#VS2017 – Disable PerfWatson2 to improve Visual Studio performance from the Visual Studio Experience Improvement Program (What?)

Hi !

Next month, this post will be a 7 years old post

[VS2010] 5 tips to improve your IDEs performance

And the truth is that, with the exception of the WinForms option, the other options are still valid. Visual Studio is still an excellent IDE, if you can live with a high RAM usage and warm processor.

Well, thanks to a tweet from RFog referring to a tweet from Enrique Blanco

I learn that to kill the 2nd PerfWatson2.exe instance, which is usually associated with the IDE, you have to unsubscribe from the Visual Studio Experience Program (yes, you have not misread that)

In the StackOverflow post they explain it perfectly

  • From the help menu, select Send Feedback > Settings.
  • In the Visual Studio Experience Improvement Program dialog, select No, I would not like to participate.

I have been a little flipping with this option, although I see the good side: my demos with my crappy surface pro 4 will be much more fluid!

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno



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