#Opinion – #GoTouch, draw and share in any surface with 2 clicks!


If you are a technology fan, there are some places where you can lost track of time. Best examples maybe are KickStarter or IndieGogo. I usually spend some time here, not only to look for cool projects but also to understand other technology trends like

  • Which are the platforms supported in the most popular projects? Nowadays is kind of weird to find a Windows SDK for most projects, 9 on 10 usually supports only iOS and Android.
  • Which technology / trend are the most popular projects? 3D Printing used to ne huge, now productivity and sharing are the most popular ones.

I don’t have any specific criteria, however I always found some great ones, in example, GoTouch. A quick video

So, one year later, I finally get my hands on my GoTouch. In the meatinme I moved between a couple of different houses, I backed the project with $100, I have some logistical issues, at the end the devices really makes for the waiting time. The device presentation is great.


We start downloading the software from their homepage (references), and then we need to pair the device via BlueTooth.

Important: The package also includes a BlueTooth dongle, with a custom BlueTooth Stack Software for this Dongle, just in case you don’t have BlueTooth in the PC where you are planning to use GoTouch. If you ask me, I kind of not advice you to use this custom BlueTooth software.


Once you have the device paired it’s time to calibrate the device. Quick note here: once you point the device to your monitor / screen it will automatically detect the interaction area and start to infer coordinates from there. This out of the box procedure works very well.

You can also have the option to perform a more refined calibration, when you need to touch a couple of specific points in your screen and it will make the writing and drawing experience very accurate.


As I said, the out of the box calibration is fine, however with the extra calibration the device is amazing. You can see how my little one is having fun with GoTouch at home. And I have a tricky scenario, a monitor with a 21:9 format. Even here GoTouch works great.

2017 09 11 GoTouch 02

And you can use this also in a TV, in a projector screen, in a wall, etc. It works very well also with popular Apps like Paint, Paint3D or even OneNote. At the end, you also et really productive when 2 or more people works in the virtual wall and also collaborates from PCs or smartphones. As soon as I test this I’ll probably share my experiences on this.

Bonus: One year after I backed the project, KickStarter is not for people on a hurry 😀


Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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