#Personal – Live after #Chrome, welcome #Opera

Hi !

A few months back, I’ve decided to move away from Chrome, I stop using it as my default browser. Ths decision was not made because IT EATS MEMORY LIKE GALACTUS EATS PLANES, neither because Google is tracking all my movements, at the end I like to try new things every 6 months.

Some context on this.

  • Microsoft Edge is always there for me. It’s my default browser for all Avanade related work. Office 365 works great with Edge and we use it a lot.
  • It’s been a long time since I develop web apps. I hope I can live like this for a long time. My new browser choice does not include anything development related, like dev tools.
  • And additional stuff, in exampleVPN, AdBlocker, a nice store with extensions, sync capabilities between different devices and smartphones?, to all of this topics: yes please.

So, I’ve been testing Opera VPN in their beta mode, and when they released the public version I decided to leave Chrome. It only tooks a couple of seconds to import EVERYTHING from Chrome. I created an account on Opera Auth, and that’s it. Really simple.

Then was the time to look for extensions. My main ones are AdBlock and Ghostery, and I found them in the Store. +1 to Opera.

And, of course, the brand and out of the box VPN. We can enable this with 2 clicks, and the switch between standard navigation or VPN mode with several countries to choose.


The navigation speed is affected, but not in a big way. Without VPN, my default download speed is 250MB (my rate)

speed test Edge no vpn

With the VPN on, it goes down to 150MB. Not bat at all.

speed test opera vpn

Important: there is no data limit in the VPN!

And, Opera Mini, I must not forget about this. It’s a great browser for iOS, I really enjoy this in my iPhone.

Right now, I guess I’ll finish 2017 with Opera, and then maybe switch to Firefox. They are promising tons of new cool features for the near future, so let’s see how this next months works.

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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