#Unity3D – Unity 5.6, has been released, and, as a #developer, you must care about this

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Hi !

Disclaimer: Quick Friday entry, I’m still managing a couple of busy family weeks, so I don’t have much time to test and write!

When I started to create Oculus Rift Apps, a couple of years ago, I discovered Unity3D. Now with all my “non pro” Hololens work (link), Unity is one of the most important tools in my development time. I’ve seen several changes in the tools in the last years, since my first version Unity 5.5.

So, on March 31, Unity released the version 5.6 (in the last day available on their road map). And, as a Microsoft developer, you must start to take a look at this tool. Not only because of Hololens development:

All the development for the Windows Holographic platform will be performed with the mix of Visual Studio and Unity3D.

Some time ago, I wrote on why all developers need to learn some 3D skills (link and link). I was part of a couple of “nice” conversations on this. However, the truth is that in your next developer station you will use Unity3D and Visual Studio, that’s it.

For sure, for the near future, I must add some extra skills related to Machine Learning, Bots, Artificial Intelligence, etc. In my personal scenario, I think Unity 3D and Windows Holographic will give me plenty of work!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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