#Friki – Sharp80: #TRS-80 emulator written in C#

Hi !

These days I’m on the quest of searching for a new home in Canada, and this is an Indiana Jone’s style quest. The difference between Europe and North America in the way in which people bought and sold a house, is very big, mind breaking sometimes. That is why, I have several posts of Hololens, innovation and other topics in draft mode and I have not had time to close them. The same thing happens to me with 2 podcasts rough, that I have not edited or published.

So today, while I close things to Avanade, and prepare for a weekend to see houses, I’ve been reviewing a this amazing project:

Sharp 80: TRS-80 emulator writen in C#

The project is called Sharp 80 and can be downloaded from here (link). I am not of those who have had computers during his childhood and were programming since age 5, I started in my late 20, and that’s why the use BASIC on an emulator of this type makes me realize how interesting were those years. With 3 lines of code to create a “Hello Bruno” the truth is that it’s nice.


When I deep a little more and learn some other options of the device, on how to control the memory, how to control “disks”, etc. I realize that it was all a craftsmanship. So that’s why:

Congratulations to Matthew Hamilton for the excellent work that has made!

Bonus, this is the emulated device 😀



Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno

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