#Hololens – New emulation features with HoloLensCamera in #HoloToolkit


Today is also a quick post day. Yesterday I spend some time to learn some new features of the HoloToolkit, and I realiced that the new HoloLensCamera has some very interesting features when we use the “emulation mode” in Unity3D. It allows us to perform navigation and interaction actions in a very simple way using keyboard and mouse.


The previous animation shows how we can move an object using the keyboard navigation buttons and also we can use keys using the Shift key and the mouse to emulate the interaction of a hand doing an AirTap.

If we see a HoloLensCamera inspector, we can see in the same properties, the script ManualGazeControl is in charge of processing all these movements.


The option of working with a Joystick comes disabled by default, I’ve tried it with a XboxOne controller and it works fine. The code on the manager script is fairly self-explanatory.

In the method Update() of the class, according to the State of the keyboard, mouse and finally of the joystick, the position is processed. Then with the values of X and Z, the emulator moves the camera to the right place.



Except that need some functionality that requires debugging C#, this is another reason not to use the emulator from Visual Studio 2017!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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