#VS2017 – #Pomodoro timer in an IDE panel


I’m a big fan of the Pomodoro technique. I used almost every day to manage small working times. I started using a timer in my smartphone to control the Pomodoro periods and then I tried several Windows Apps.

Nowadays, I’m using the Windows Timer App to control time with a 30 minutes period, and the truth is that it’s going very well. I disconnect my smartphone, Skype, and other communication tools and focus on a single task for 30 minutes.



When working with Visual Studio, I also use the Windows Timer App. However, today I found one extension which I think it is worth a try: Pomodoro. This extension adds a new panel within the Visual Studio IDE which allows us to start a Pomodoro session.


While it’s very nice, I think that having a UI with a Timer Chart maybe will add a bit of pressure to work when we know a session is going to finish. Nor is it to be pessimistic, because only by putting the panel timer within a group of tabs, we have ‘hidden’ clock.

If we also want to configure the time for each Pomodoro session, break time, or the colors of the UI; the tool provides a configuration section that meets all these needs.


Now I’m flying back to Toronto so I will use this tool for a while and see if it actually replaces something as simple and useful as the Windows 10 Timer App.

Greetings @ Cordoba

El Bruno


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