#Hololens – Now you can work with Visual Studio tools for #Unity3D and #VS2017


Every couple of months, I’ve had to reinstall my development environment from scratch. This time was not a software problem, this one was raised by hardware issue: my 2nd disc died (and I lost some of my not backup / sync information). As if it were a coincidence, I’ve taken advantage of an offer of Black Friday, Pink Saturday or something like that, and I have bought a 2 TB disk quite interesting (link). This leaves me with a

So let’s put a smile and see the bright side on this. I take advantage of an offer during Black Friday, Pink Saturday or something like that. I have bought a 2 TB 2.5” internal disk with some very amazing features. So now I have a happy  development environment again:

  • 500GB SSD main drive
  • 2 TB as secondary drive


Now, because I started from zero (again) I decided to try to work purely and exclusively with Visual Studio 2017 RC. One of the first things I’ve noticed is Visual Studio Tools for Unity3D were available only for Visual Studio 2015. This meant a serious impediment, VSTU are part of the development of Hololens VS + Unity.

Fortunately, the latest version published today in Visual Studio Tools for Unity, supports Visual Studio 2017 in Beta (3.0) mode.


It won’t work smooth from scratch, you need to perform some additional steps so everything works fine, for example:

  • In Unity, access the menu “Edit / Preferences”
  • Select [External Tools / External Script Editor]
  • In the combo choices we see MonoDevelop, Visual Studio 2015 and Browse.
  • Select Browse and select the path of the executable for Visual Studio 2017 [“%\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Enterprise\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe”]

At this time we will see VS2017 RC as the selected option and we can start to work with this IDE


Here we see the instance of Visual Studio 2017, in mode debugging from which we can attacharnos at one instance of Unity and debug against the same.


Now if we can forget about Visual Studio 2015 and follow created apps with Unity3D and Visual Studio 2107 Hololens RC!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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  1. On vs2017rc…

    Install hololens emulator and vs2015 as required by ms / run holographicapp trought templates / copy the sln and project files from vs2015/projects to vs2017 project / open it with vs2017 (it will run fine and successfull buil on emulator).

    Uninstall vs2015 trought vs2015 installer (All basic features)

    Run holographic again in vs2017…And start modify…


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