#Podcast – #Agile at enterprise level, and another couple of interesting experiences



After a couple of weeks of silence now is time to publish a new episode in my Podcast. In today’s episode, I am lucky to be with 4 great friends. And, after talking with them for a long time about personal experiences when we work with Agile projects, it was time to gather them all together and see what opinion we have on diverse topics such as:

  • Agile as a trend
  • What happens when we do Scrum of Scrum?
  • Can a junior teamwork without a coach?
  • Why do we use the rate as a measure of progress?
  • The cone of the uncertainty
  • Work product-oriented or project-oriented
  • When estimates are used as a mechanism for micro-management
  • Chess as an agile framework similar
  • When you modify a Scrum and works, is it still Scrum?
  • When a project Waterfall is masked with Scrum or the reverse

I’ve put all the references that I have found on some of the issues we are talking about. And although this time arrived 90 minutes, I think that you as a lesson learned for next time, if we see that the podcast “is estira¨ as is done in 2 episodes.”

As always many thank and I hope you enjoy it. Podcast Link

Saludos @ Toronto

El Bruno


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