[#ALM] You only find ugly people on internet and please pass the estimates in the Cone (… of uncertainty of course;)

ALM 03


There is tons of ugly people on the internet. This is not a discussion.

Was finishing grinding paper of ALM with Team Foundation Service that I want to post at Amazon.com in the coming days; and I was looking for an image of the Cone of uncertainty ofSteve McConnell . One that is not as ugly as that used on the website official MSDN. But the problem with searches for images, of course, is that as they seek text criteria then return an image, can get anything. And that has happened to me: BING has given me a series of images that will make up the hours of therapy a week a ~ 20%. And eye that I see all these people (little graceful) are experts in project management, ALM, etc

At the end I will finish thinking of what my mother says is true: I am very, very handsome but.So at first it seemed correct, but as with the cone of uncertainty as I’m taking conscience of my appearance, I start more consistently judge whether I am handsome or not.

McConnell, big back in the 1997 refining a theory of 1981 which explained something like this:

“For any given set of characteristics, the precision in the estimation can improve only in the same way that the same software becomes more refined.”

Human said, this means that the value of our estimates will grow as we know more about the problem at hand. And it did not stay here, crack played it is and put numbers! There are those who see in the graph of the famous pussy.


Taking the values of the proposed graph, we see that an estimate on day zero is almost as valuable as a glass of cyanide, and the recommendation is that we have a 4 X to the value that we propose that day. As time passes, estimates are based more on real variables, works with a team and the estimate that is worth, which is done on the last day when the project is closed.

And to close the post before holidays, decided to find a nice pussy, then the of The Agile Samurai comes to hair.

PS: If you still not read The Agile Samurai , I don’t know that these waiting. Here’s my opinionof the same.


Saludos @ Chinchon

El Bruno

image image image

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