#Hololens – SolutionColor, a #mustHave if you work with #Unity3D (no more problems with the 2 #VisualStudio instances)

Hello !

Sometime ago I wrote about how little comfortable is working with Unity3D in Hololens projects. While HoloToolkit adds functionality to be able to eliminate this problem, usually for each project we finished working always with at least 3 apps

  • Unity3D to create and edit the main project
  • Visual Studio 2015 in editing mode for C# Scripts. Mono mode.
  • Visual Studio 2015 in compilation mode for UWP apps. This is the instance that we use to build and deploy the UWP app to the Hololens. From here we also debug the app

Well, the problem that I face sometimes is when I edit a file. Sometimes, by mistake I perform the edition in the compilation instance (3), when in fact it is necessary to use the edit instance (2). A quick way to know which instance are working is to see the number of projects.

  • In edit mode, there are 2 projects
  • In mode compilation there are 3 projects

But of course, would who has time to check this?

Today I found an extension for Visual Studio 2015, which allows me to eliminate this problem. What we can do is change the color of the bar of title of Visual Studio according to the solution open.


In this way, I can configure my solution to display

  • Edit mode title bar in yellow
  • Compilation mode title bar in green


And no more problems!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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