#ALM – #TFS 15 RC2 available, your TFS on premises side-by-side with VS Team Services (almost!)


During the ALM training with my LemonCode friends, one of the questions which I was waiting it related to the differences between the capabilities and features between Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Team Services.

Although, initially the both have the main base features, VS Team Services receives updates each a couple of weeks. And, usually we need to wait a couple of days / weeks to have them available for TFS.

In example, now that the TFS15 RC2 has been released, we can find some cool features already available in VS Team Services.

Based on original MSDN post, I share the list of this Release Candidate 2 main features:

  • Follow a work item – makes it super easy to track the progress on work that you care about.
  • Code search – Makes it easy to find code anywhere across your project.
  • Package management – Improves your ability to reuse components across your projects (both OSS and internally produced)
  • Improved Git web experiences, including revamped pull requests and branches pages – pull requests include a new auto-complete feature
  • Docker support – in build and release management.
  • Release management – the number of significant improvements and new capabilities is very large.
  • Parity between MTM and web TCM – We almost have parity now where all the things you are used to using MTM for, you can now use the web experience for.
  • Paid extensions – You can now purchase and install extensions in TFS

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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