#SyncFusion – Thanks to the #MetroStudio team, I’ve got my #Hololens icon !


Sometime ago I published a post about SyncFusion MetroStudio. Inside this app you can find more than 7000 free and extensible icons, and of course, we can use them in our apps. The tool has many advantages. For example, we can apply some minor updates on the icons and even get the XAML code to use them in an Path element. As always, a video is worth more than 1000 words.

A couple of weeks I found myself looking for an Hololens icon in MetroStudio. As expected with my luck, among 7000 icons, there is one for Hololens.


However I have some happy moment when I found the “Icon Request” feature in the search results, where I can ask for my Hololens icon. The request is performed as Product Incident, and we need to be registered in SyncFusion website.


Note: We can also ask for an icon directly from the download page, without registration.

As you can see in the image, my Incident is closed! Shortly after I created the incident, the MetroStudio team contacted me via email and shared with me the following Hololens icon.


The truth is that I was amazed, only a couple of weeks after my request and I have my new and cool Hololens Icon. So now is time for a big:


This is take real and goo customer care, and it is even better if you think that MetroStudio is free!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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