[#METRO] Metro Studio 2.0 of the friends of SyncFusion



Synfusion friends have released version 2.0 of Metro Studio . This application is an excellent collection / AWESOME with over 2500 icons stylish METRO Modern UI Apps. The application is free like the .net Framework source code, and you can download it from http://www.syncfusion.com/downloads/metrostudio. Once you sign up, they send you a download link and a key to unlock and you can now install the application.


Once inside the application, we can navigate the icons by categories, or if we do a search to see the results in this format


Then, it is possible to create collections of icons, export them, etc. The Edition is perhaps the best part, we can define the size, the padding, the margentes, the Fund and then export the icon to PNG


But the best thing is that we have the XAML of each icon PATH!


As you know to download it 😀

Download: http://www.syncfusion.com/downloads/metrostudio


Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

image image image

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