#Windows10 – IoT Core, first look to IoT Dashboard, Device Portal and Remote Client


After review some of the updates for Windows 10 IoT Core, I realized the new app for managing Windows 10 IoT Core devices is great.

Setup a new Device

The creation of the image to the SD card that will be used in a device is quite simple. From the following view we can

  • Select the type of Raspberry Pi 2 or 3, Minnoboard Max, Qualcomm Dragon Board 410 c or custom
  • Select the version of OS that you want to use, stable or prereleases
  • Select the disk where you want to save this image
  • Define the name of the device and set the password if you want to use one


Once we have defined these values, in few minutes you can have our SD list to use.

My Devices

The next step is to initialize the device. The main constrains here is to be in the same network, once we are in the same network can see the devices in the [My Devices] section.


In each device, we will be able to

  • Open the device management portal
  • Launch PowerShell
  • Open a network share against the device
  • Copy your IP address or name
  • Access the settings to change the name


Device Portal

This section deserves a full post, there are plenty of new options, which are very useful.


I share some of which are more useful

  • Pair BlueTooth devices directly from the portal


  • Define network profiles and connect to WiFi networks


  • Access and download updates from Windows Update for Windows 10 IoT Core


  • Configure a hotspot for sharing internet access directly from the device


  • Configure TPM and finally launch the remote client

Remote Client

One of the most interesting options we have in this version is the ability to have a Remote Client for our device. This remote client is a Universal App called Windows IoT Remote Client


Once launched the app, we can use the name or the IP address of our device to connect


And once connected, we have total control of what shows our device.


I think that is a new review of the most interesting stuff.

And, yes, the AZURE section also deserves a separate post.

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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